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November 2019
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DIMERA Ltd – was founded as a company of people, united by desire to offer Chemical Market modern and safe materials and technologies in fields of:

  • production and processing of thermoplastics
  • production of final and middle cycle goods from various polymers (PP, PE, PVC, PA, PET, Foamed PU, etc.)
  • polymer films production
  • production of basic polymer raw material with modified properties.

For mentioned above economy sectors we offer products as manufactured by own forces (under DIMERAX®) so imported from foreign direct producers:

  • optical bleachers/brighteners
  • masterbatches for coloring
  • masterbatches for modifying/enhancing properties of basic polymer
  • pigments for polymers

All offered products are officially hygienically certified for using in goods, being in contact with food, medicines, toys, for consumer goods and chemical fibers.

Besides, DIMERA offers the following range of colorants (pigment pastes):

  • POLY U COLOR® - for coloring Polyurethane soft (flexible foam) and rigid foams, PU elastomers.
  • APEXLON® - for coloring unsaturated polyesters, epoxy resins and silicons.

Finally, we’d like to mention that our innovative approach in stability, quality and reliability of offered products, talented team, close communication with clients and partners helps our clients and DIMERA in developing mutually beneficial business. You are welcome for checking the latter statement by contacting us at any time convenient for you!

DIMER (Greek di=two and meros=part) – complex molecule composed of two fragments of simpler molecules, called MonoMers. Being a single case of polymer, dimers may be as symmetrical (of two identical monomers) so unsymmetrical (two different monomers).