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May 2024
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DIMERA Ltd in its business activities is strictly oriented to selecting decisions connected and directed to economy of natural resources.  Besides, this strategy allows taking care of environmentally friendly wastes processing and motivates our employees to behave ecologically safely.

We believe that joint activities of all chemical market participants directed to enhancing of ecological situation – is not just following the legal background, but deep understanding of our responsibility for the future of our children.

While carrying out various ecological projects, DIMERA always points much attention to developing technologies of wastes disposal and stands against pollution. One of the effective projects is moving to basically electronics circulation of documents, which leads to considerable decrease in paper wasting. Our company supports widening of using environment-friendly biological packing materials. Of course we can’t get rid of wastes while performing our business activities, but we can minimize them.

“Ecological packing” and “bio-bags” – are relatively new words for Russian consumer. But step-by-step they are becoming a part of our daily life. And this is positive sign! Appearance of above words in our life determines more careful and rationale attitude to Nature. The time for this has already come, and long ago.

Lets consider Bio-Bag. In fact it is the same PE bag: light, convenient and lasting. But – in production cycle there added a special component, which makes the bag self-dispose completely within 2-5 years under simple natural conditions. As a result we have CO2, water and biological material – completely harmless for environment. For comparing: the time of self-disposal of a conventional PE bag is 150-200 years. As a result, up to 90% of plastics produced since whenever still exists and collected as “immortal wastes”.

But why nobody recycles all this plastics? In fact PE bags recycling is not always possible and also commercially ineffective. PE burning produces harmful gases and resins. Consequently we have growing wastes-grounds occupying valuable territories and PE bags, having 1 hour using time, bring hundreds of years pollution. The decision of the problem is total moving to biologically decomposing PE bags.  And there is no need for changing existing production process: the only this is adding a special additive. Besides, bio-bags might be more easily recycled. The biological additive is completely harmless for environment and human health.

Starting of wide using of ecological packing is very important for Russia: according to statistics data only in Moscow we have 4 billion of PE bags going to wastes annually. Try to imagine the figure in the scale of whole country! The environment of many regions of Russian Federation suffers from “PE plague”. Not long ago Buryatia and Kuzbass joined the program of fighting against PE bags and popularization of ecological packing.

In fact the fight with “PE plague” is performed in the whole world. Some countries (China, Singapore) prohibited using PE bags, other (Ireland, Israel) issued additional tax to PE bags. There are also countries (Germany, Netherlands) are introducing new technologies for PE producing and recycling. Which way Russia will go?